Zarbol's UFO has some fancy tricks to show upon their enemies. Edit


Spits a few sparks of electricity at every enemy. Uses 15 PP.

Deals about 30-120 of electric damage to all enemies. Ignores defense. Sparks can numb enemies.

That is Zarbol's standard ability.


Restores systems power to yourself by resting.

Restores Zarbol's PP. Standard ability.

Charged LaserEdit

More damaging but slightly inaccurate. Uses 20 PP.

Deals about 60-300 of beam damage and reduce resist to beams, but misses sometimes.

Player can find upgrade in Chapter 3 at small Satralia Valley where Alinivar woke up after being in Mook Heck.


So powerful it can knock the wind out of an enemy. Uses 30 PP.

Deals about 300 of damage and makes enemy to cough. Ignores defense.

Player can find upgrade in apocalyptic Onett on Frank's robot in Chapters 7 and 8.


A strong thunder-based attack which never misses. Uses 35 PP.

Deals about 150-250 of electric damage and makes enemy numb. Ignores defense.

Zarbol gets this upgrade from UFO-buddy that you can find in Jupiter's swamps in cave.

Napalm LauncherEdit

A sticky fire-spewing attack for one enemy. Uses 40 PP.

Deals about 120-250 of fire damage and makes enemy sticky. Ignores defense.

Player can find this upgrade on Venus.

PSI Reflect Edit

PP cost varies depending on if it's a or Σ

This is a move that provides the reflect status effect to whoever it's used on, it simply reflects damage back at the enemy.

You get it from one of the various disks