Visit Requisite: Spaceship upgrade
Inhabitants: Lava Snake Fighting Robot, Nothing too sentient
Cities: None
Other Areas: Also none. Just Venus.

"Just think about it, dude. Nobody really knows what's on Venus. It bet it's kind of disappointing." - Some random schmuck orbiting Jupiter.

Venus is the second and hottest planet in the Solar System. In Cognitive Dissonance, it is an optional location that the Applechasers may visit to acquire valuable late game items (such as one of the Reboot Orbs required for the Severance Ending).

Unlocking VenusEdit

Due to the intense heat of Venus's surface, the Applechasers are originally unable to land on it. In order to gain access, they must visit Dr. Yooghurt on Neptune and acquire a cooling unit from him after completing a certain sidequest (Cloud Ocean salvaging). After Boson installs it on the ship, Venus is safe to land on.

Exploring the Planet's SurfaceEdit

The surface of Venus is scorching hot, a wasteland of lava pools and igneous rock formations and caves. The Applechasers cannot survive the heat for long, and without finding a way to cool down they will instantly be KO'd after a short time on the surface. The level of heat exposure is measured by a thermometer gauge unique to this planet; it appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Staying on Venus's surface will gradually increase the temperature gauge, and standing on certain tiles (lava cracks or pools) will increase it drastically. In the caves of Venus, however, the gauge will remain constant and can be reduced by wading in pools of water found in said caves. The only other way to escape the heat is to re-enter the ship, at which point the gauge is fully reset.

Items of ImportanceEdit

For all its trouble, however, Venus is a place where the Applechasers can find some excellent loot. There is at least one powerful item for each party member (such as the Chronoray for Larice) located either on the surface or in the caves. Most importantly, one present contains a Reboot Orb-- necessary for the Mothership sidequest required to achieve the Severance Ending. Additionally, the party may engage the optional boss Sir Pent that occasionally rises from the lava pools. You either need to fight him in order to acquire the PK Fire Ω disc, or you must buy it in Larice's Magicant the most powerful level of PSI Fire.

Plot SignificanceEdit

Venus plays no major role in the plot, aside from being the location of the aforementioned Reboot Orb. As such, it can be skipped entirely if the player chooses so-- unless they wish to try for the Severance Ending, in which case they will need to obtain all five of the Reboot Orbs.