Every character or mob in Mother: Cognitive Dissonance have only 6 base stat parameters: HP, PP, Strength, Defence, IQ and Speed.

  • HP — decreases with enemy's attacks. If hits 0, character is KO'd.
  • PP — drops with skills invoked, like PSI or Tech. If character doesn't have enough PP for technique, he can't use it.
  • Strenght — the more you have, the more damage physical attack and skills will do. Some skills benefit more, some less.
  • Defence — the more you have, the less damage you will get from attack. Affect both physical damage and damage from PSI.
  • IQ — Same as Strenght, but mostly affects PSI.
  • Speed — Affects how fast turn recharge bar fills, thus defining order in which character moves first.

I don't know how stats affecting standart Bash/Beam/Riff/Shoot commands, but formula for Skills, such as PSI, is:

Damage = Base Damage + (Attacker's Str./2 - Target's Def./4)*(Attack Influence*0,1) + (Attacker's IQ/4 - Target's IQ/8)*(Intelligence Influence*0,1) +- (Variance*5)%. This formula also multiplies on Attribute modifier, and resulting damage applies to enemy,