There's lots of stuff to see in this here solar system you know, so the spaceship becomes a very valuable asset very quickly.

Space map

Planets Edit

It's 198X so Pluto hasn't been demoted yet, meaning you're free to use the My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas mnemonic to remember the planets and their order! (Eris isn't on the map.)

Bases Edit

Some docks may require the ever-appropriate docking pass before allowing you to land (rules are rules you know).

Sightseeing Edit

The best part of space is just seeing what's out there. Here's your check list, go explore!

Enemies to fight Edit

  • Space pirates
  • The Gargianthian

Trivia Edit

  • The sun is absent, poor thing.
  • The distance between the planets are not to scale in regard to reality.
  • Earth is the only planet in-game with a natural satellite.
  • If you keep going in a single direction, the spaceship will loop back to the starting point, this is because the spaceship is always going around the sun