Satralia Tower is the main radio antenna in Satralia. By the time Alinivar can explore it, it's already been wrecked and ransacked after the events of the Meteors hitting Saturn. During chapter 1, Col. Saturn explains that the tower is being used to hold the green Mr. Saturns to keep them out of the city.

Items Found Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Record (Radio Satralia)

Chapter 3 Edit

Fuzzy Frog, cup of life noodles, psionic gold herb

Enemies Edit

Mr. Sicko Edit

Enemy mr. sicko
"A Mr. Saturn gone terribly wrong, it lurches with malevolent intent."

Encountered: Chapter 1

Attacks: Charge, Burp, BOING!

Rewards: 4 exp, 8 B

38 HP, vulnerable to freeze and beams.

Mr. Statue Edit

"It's actually a robot, not a statue. But Mr. Robot just didn't sound right."
Enemy mr. statue
Encountered: Chapter 1, chapter 3

Attacks: Rip and tear, Spit sparks, BOING, DING

Rewards: 7 exp, ??? B

142 HP, no vulnerabilities listed.

During chapter 1, Col. Saturn asks Alinivar if they want to disturb (fight) the statues, and selecting yes will initiate the battle. During chapter 3, the statues can be found in Mr. Lunatic encounters.

Mr. Lunatic Edit

"Being sent away to live alone in a cave has done wonders for his demeanor."

Encountered: Chapter 3
Enemy mr. lunatic

Attacks: Rip and tear, Charge, BOING

Rewards: 5 exp, 12 B

Drop item: Loony tune

145 HP, vulnerable to freeze and fire.

Dancin' Evil Shroom Edit

"Evil might be too strong a word. It's really closer to vaguely mischievous."

Encountered: Chapter 3

Enemy dancin evil shroom

Attacks: Scatter spores, ???

Rewards: 9 exp, 16 B

Drop item: Magic mushroom

97 HP, vulnerable to freeze and fire.

Found in grassassin encounters.

Grassassin Edit

"To grassassinate someone is only to sneak up and throw plants in their face"

Encountered: Chapter 3

Enemy grassassin

Attacks: Charge, PSI Magnet α, PK Freeze α

Rewards: 7 exp, 16 B

Drop item: Grass shards

85 HP, vulnerable to fire.

Battastic Edit

"It throws violent disruptive parties at friends' caves every weekend."

Encountered: Chapter 3
Enemy battastic
Attacks: Rip and Tear, Contemplate, Call for help (calls a Batzerker)

Rewards: 4 exp, 9 B

Drop item: Berserker engine

50 HP, vulnerable to electricity.

Can be found in Brown Bucketmouth encounters too.

Brown Bucketmouth Edit

"Misunderstood in various cultures to always be implying something heinous."

Enemy brown bucketmouth

Encountered: Chapter 3

Attacks: Rip and tear, PK Fire α, PK Beam α

Rewards: 12 exp, 20 B

333 HP, vulnerable to electricity.