Visit Requisite: Spaceship
Inhabitants: Wild 'n Wooly Shamblers
Cities: None
Other Areas: Mountains

"Pluto's a pretty quiet planet. Being so far out here, it wasn't really involved in the war or anything." -Niiue

Pluto is a completely optional planet, however, it is part of a side quest for a Reboot Orb.

Pluto also appears to have snow monsoons that are strong enough to cause hot air balloons to be grounded.

The only things that can live on pluto are Unfurrendlies (which seem to be wooly mammoth-like beings), semi-intelegent and conscience snowflakes and snowballs, and the Wild 'n Wooly Shamblers. However, only the Wild 'n Woolys are capible to build what seems to be a society, builbing shops, hotels, and hoes for them to live in, as well as a taste for literature, as they seem have an author in there sudo-town/city, as well as music, as they have both record players and the nowhere train's Biggest Fan (who seems quite intent on fighing them to prove them as fakes). They seem to be a peacefull group (other than the Biggest Fan), and have may chacterristics that are alike to humans, like sometimes catching a cold (which Aliniavar can catch to if he goes around taking to people who sneze). It is quite possible that the Wild 'n Woolys are not native to pluto, but another cold planet somwhere else, as they seem to be only a few inhabiting pluto, and a common sight in other locations. However, there is no indication in lore of why this is so.

There is no realy important geologic formaitons on the surface other tham a giant snow mountian on which a chalange to colect snowflakes takes place. A the end of the chalange, and after you defeated The Biggest Fan twice (once on saturn, and againg on pluto), you can trade the snowflakes for prizes. The prizes range from some common food to upgrade parts for the crew, and as well can be traded for a snowcone, which is needed to trade up for a reboot orb on earth (he realy is a sucker for snow cones).