This is an NPC that lives on Pluto. If you come to him in earlier chapters, he says that he is working on a novel. However, later in the game, he says that he needs a new character. He then says that he will read one of your party member's minds using telepathy. You are then given the options of: Alinivar, Col. Saturn, Larice and Zarbol. What you choose could possibly give you insight into the minds of your party members, and you also get a free item. Also, his record player has a record in it, which you can take.

Response to Alinivar:

"You? The tentacled hero... the strong, silent type. Well, maybe not that strong. But smart, yes, talented and loyal. Here's a gift for the tentacled hero." (Gives PSI stone.)

Response to Col. Saturn:

"You? The fearless freedom fighter, his nose is legend.. You're a bit on the strange side, huh? But one heck of a good shot. Perfect. Here's a gift for he of the proboscis." (Gives Red gembloom.)

Response to Larice:

"You? A shining metal frame, hiding away a gentle spirit. Are you maybe not sure how robotic you are? But no programming could hope to keep you down. Here's a gift for the steel warrior." (Gives Nanobot injection.)

Response to Zarbol:

"You? Just a tiny insect, playing at savior, huh? Thing is, it sounds like you might actually pull it off. Hold onto your hopes and dreams. Here's a gift for the little guardian." (Gives Multi bottle rocket.)