Mr. Saturns are an armless small fuzzy species that co-dominate Saturn. They're known for their speaking mannerisms, coffee, advanced technology, bows, and peanut cheese bars.

Biology Edit

"Mr. Saturns. Class II sentient species. A peaceful Saturnian. These have shown proven potential for PSI, but they are not a threat. What they consume for sustenence is unknown, but seems to consist largely of unusual wafers and gelatinous objects. They have been observed using telekinesis to lift and move objects. This can cause the proboscus or whiskers to move or wiggle." -Cerue's biology notes

Corrupted Mr. Saturns Edit

In chapter 1, green Mr. Saturns have become a problem in Satralia. Giegue's influence has corrupted many Mr. Saturns, changing not only their color but also their temperament as they act very hostile and attack anyone on sight.

Enemies Edit

Mr. Sicko Edit

Enemy mr. sicko
"A Mr. Saturn gone terribly wrong, it lurches with malevolent intent."

Encountered: Chapter 1

Attacks: Charge, Burp, BOING!

Rewards: 4 exp, 8 B

38 HP, vulnerable to freeze and beams.

Mr. Statue Edit

"It's actually a robot, not a statue. But Mr. Robot just didn't sound right"
Enemy mr. statue
Encountered: Chapter 1, chapter 3

Attacks: Rip and tear, Spit sparks, BOING, DING

Rewards: 7 exp, ??? B

142 HP, no vulnerabilities listed.

During chapter 1, Col. Saturn asks Alinivar if they want to disturb (fight) the statues, and selecting yes will initiate the battle. During chapter 3, the statues can be found in Mr. Lunatic encounters.

Mr. Psycho Edit

Enemy mr. psycho
Encountered: Chapter 1, chapter 2

Attacks: Charge, Rip and tear, Advance slowly, BOING!

Rewards: 6 exp, 11 B

??? HP, vulnerable to ???

Mr. Lunatic Edit

"Being sent away to live alone in a cave has done wonders for his demeanor."

Encountered: Chapter 3
Enemy mr. lunatic

Attacks: Rip and tear, Charge, BOING

Rewards: 5 exp, 12 B

Drop item: Loony tune

145 HP, vulnerable to freeze and fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Its seem to be hinted by Mr. Jupiter (a Mr. Saturn NPC that lives in Bolos, Jupiter that takes pride in claiming his new name) that Mr. Saturn's namesake don't refer to their species, but where they live. However, the Mr. Saturns that have settled on Earth still keep the name of Mr. Saturn. This may mean that Mr. Saturns only change their name by preference, or that "Mr. Jupiter" was just screwing with us.