(this arcticle REALLY need an explanding,please help by adding some more specific informaions and pictures, thanks in advance)

the moon can be found near earth, once landing on it you will find four "receptacles" where you can put gems in it,the gems can be found all across the solar system

the gems needed are the green Gem , the red Gem , the yellow Gem , and the blue gem

once you put all the gems in the receptacles the enterance to the moon base will be opened

the place is filled with robots such as borgs and star miners

the place have in it some pretty useful item such as the moonmetal engine,a good item for Larice wich gives him more speed IQ and defence,some music discs,knowledge stones and other things

in the place a tottal of three knowledge stones can be found in the base,two of them are being guarded by Dr. Destructo and his robot R7039 and the remaining one is found right before the battle