Visit Requisite: Spaceship
Inhabitants: Fobbies, Foppies, Talking Trees
Cities: Bolos, Anolin
Other Areas: Red Eye, Forbidden Swamps, Deepsea Base
Who would have thought that there was life on Jupiter, and that it turned out to be Fobbies!? (and Foppies, they're important too)
The air hugs u

The main landscape of Jupiter

Jupiter is the first planet the Applechasers visit after acquiring the spaceship, in order to retrieve one of the apples that make the Apple of Enlightenment. Wherever you land, you'll find yourself surrounded by a very thick atmosphere, which apart from allowing the fauna to be buoyant and have a low-energy transport mechanism, it's very rich in nutrients!

Trivia Edit

  • The optional boss Fobbyiyg can be fought here.
  • The optional boss Lord Saguaro can be fought here.