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Giegue, also known as Giygas, is the main boss and antagonist in Mother: Cognitive Dissonance, as well as in both EarthBound Beginnings and Earthbound. You also play as him at the beginning at the game, and if you obtain the Severance Ending, at the end.

Appearances in games Edit

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero / EarthBound Beginnings) Edit

In the original Mother, Giegue was the final boss of the game. The only way to defeat him was to play the 8 melodies of the song. He was raised by Maria.

Mother 1.5: Cognitive Dissonance (Earthbound 0.5: Between Two Times) Edit

In M:CD, Giegue is actually a sort of playable character, both at the very beginning of the game, where you can view a diary, which contained a "video" of his defeat in the original Mother game, and at the very end, if you decide to go for a certain ending to the game. He also is the final boss, both as Giegue, and as Giygas.

Mother 2 (EarthBound) Edit

In EarthBound, he is a final boss once again, and the only way to defeat him was to have Paula pray 9 times.